Temporomandibular Joint


Our goal in treatment is to find the cause of the problem and to stabilize the joint to resolve all symptoms.



TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems and disharmony in our chewing system are routinely misdiagnosed.  TMJ dysfunction can be the result of numerous different causes. Signs and symptoms of these problems are often incorrectly attributed to weak teeth, genetics, or old age. These three explanations are rarely correct.


To properly diagnose and treat TMJ, we start with a thorough discussion with each patient about their past treatments, symptoms, and desires for the future. We then collect detailed records about your chewing system that include a 3D radiograph of your joint to detect any hidden problems. With this radiograph, we are also able to evaluate your airway as new research has shown there is a direct link between airway issues and TMJ dysfunction.  Using this collective information, we are able to achieve an accurate diagnosis and design a safe and conservative way to cure your symptoms in a long-term manner.


We stabilize the joint of each patient using a thin clear orthotic that is worn day and night for a period of 4-8 weeks. The orthotic is precisely adjusted during this phase and is used as a form of physical therapy for your TMJ by allowing your jaw to move into its most comfortable and natural position. Over the 4-8 weeks, your muscles and jaw joints relax, and by the end of treatment all of your symptoms should be gone.

Once your symptoms are gone and you’re happy with how you feel we can discuss how to make this change permanent. This sometimes means using minimally invasive restorative dentistry or orthodontics or both. Once your mouth is restored in this position there will be no need to wear a night guard like you may have had to do in the past. With your jaw joint in a permanent, stable position you will feel great day and night.


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